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The MONOWALKER travelmate makes your hiking even more enjoyable, turning your outdoor adventure into a real pleasure.  Free your back!


Make your long-distance hike become a fulfilling experience by using the MONOWALKER travelmate. With the MONOWALKER travelmate, walking with gear becomes relaxing, facilitating walking meditation during your pilgrimage.  Due to the smart geometry, you only carry 1/3 of the weight of your equipment on your hips, allowing for no sacrifice on comfort and supplies.  There is little weight on your shoulder or neck.  Because all the remaining weight is on the back wheels, your hike becomes much more relaxing. 


MONOWALKER follows you where ever you want to go to. It does not restrict your movement while pulling because of the specialized MONOWALKER hip belt. The belt also reduces one-sided impact on your shoulders, neck and back.  Additionally, during uphill and downhill hiking, stress on your knees is reduced because only half the total weight is on your hips.


If you stop for a rest, you can convert your MONOWALKER travelmate platform into a table with four small legs to enjoy a meal.

Want to collect some wood in the forest for a cozy campfire? Convert your MONOWALKER travelmate to a backpack (MONOWALKER mountainmate).  A heavy load of branches will easily find a place on the MONOWALKER mountainmate. Back home, you can use your MONOWALKER travelmate equipped with a one-hand drawbar as a shopping trailer (MONOWALKER citymate). It can be also used and converted to a cycling trailer (MONOWALKER cyclemate ) that will be attached at the left dropout of your bicycle.

Don`t carry your gear, tow your gear!


Who is the MONOWALKER travelmate made for?

• Hikers who appreciate adventures in nature and don’t want to hike with heavy weight on their shoulders

• Pilgrims who desire to meditate and quietly reflect in relaxation as they walk

• Photographers who want to carry heavy gear and outdoor equipment

• Parents who want to camp with their kids but have too much to carry for 2-4 people

• People who cannot carry much weight on their back

• Youth group leaders who need to carry personal items plus group equipment


Technical information


Platform CNC machined molded plywood (95x38 cm / 37,5” x 15”)

Weight: 6 kg/ 13.23 lbs Payload: 45 kg/ 100 lbs

Handlebars : wood ash tree bent with steam; ergonomically designed

Load bearing system: hip belt and padded shoulder belt


Tire options:

• Tire  Schwalbe Marathon 20“/ 47-406 (640g/tire)

• Tire Schwalbe Marathon Plus 20“ / 47-406 (725 g/tire)

• Tire Marathon Racer 20“/ 35-406 (340 g/ tire)

• Tire Big Apple 20“/ 55-406 (530g/ tire)

• Tire Schwalbe Jumpin`Jack  20“ / 57-406 (770g/tire)


Wheels: Classic 18 hole spoke wheels in 20" with double wall alloy rim, CNC machined hub with sealed ball bearings (777 g / wheel) 



Upgrade- can be converted as:


• cycling trailer MONOWALKER cyclemate


• backpack MONOWALKER mountainmate


• hiking trailer MONOWALKER trailmate


• shoppingtrailer MONOWALKER citymate

















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