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Why is the MONOWALKER cyclemate a two-wheeled trailer and not a one- wheeled trailer like the MONOWALKER hikingtrailer?

One-wheeled bicycle trailers can be packed with baggage up to 20 kg/ 44.09 lb. With heavy loads, one-wheeled trailers create a shearing force which degrades bicycle performance. Additionally, maneuvering a one-wheeled trailer without a bicycle is very difficult, which would make connecting it while fully loaded equally difficult.



We designed our trailer to transport enough equipment for a weekend trip or for a full length expedition.

With the MONOWALKER cyclemate, our multipurpose bicycle trailer, journeys of any length and duration can be realized (even around the world!). The Ortlieb Big Zip bag (90 x 50 x 32 cm) also fits onto the MONOWALKER cyclemate platform, which has the volume of four panniers, leaving plenty of space for trips of any length. In our opinion, the MONOWALKER cyclemate makes a journey easier and much more comfortable than traveling with a fully packed bicycle.


Benefits of the MONOWALKER cyclemate:

  • Trailered bicycles (leaving the bike unloaded) are much easier to maneuver and easier to ride uphill out-of saddle 
  • Extremely flexible; compatible with every lightweight road bike or mountain bike (with the exception of carbon frames)
  • With the trailer attached, your bike becomes a multi-function cargo, leisure, sport and/or shopping bike
  • Travel by train/plane becomes stress-free since check-in and storage are made simple with only two main parts 
  • Easy conversion to any MONOWALKER model.  For example, your MONOWALKER cyclemate is easily converted to a hiking trailer (MONOWALKER trailmate) without additional equipment by just using the rear end and handle bars of the hiking trailer (MONOWALKER trailmate). This allows for the freedom to crest mountains on wheels or dive into breathtaking canyons by foot. Even on impassable trails, you can convert the hiking trailer (MONOWALKER trailmate) into a backpack (MONOWALKER  mountainmate) without additional equipment




Technical information


Material: Platform CNC machined molded plywood (95x38 cm / 37,5” x 15”)

Weight: 6 kg/ 13.23 lb Payload: 45 kg/ 100 lb

Drawbar: Aluminum

Connecter ( not included in delivery): Weber Design Germany Weber E- can be assembled universally on every bicycle, please choose from various models here




Tire options:

• Tire  Schwalbe Marathon 20“/ 47-406 (640g/Reifen) - please ask for quote as option

• Tire Schwalbe Marathon Plus 20“ / 47-406 (725 g/tire) - please ask for quote as option

• Tire Marathon Racer 20“/ 35-406 (340 g/ tire)- please ask for quote as option

• Tire Big Apple 20“/ 55-406 (530g/ tire) - serial tire

• Tire Schwalbe Jumpin`Jack  20“ / 57-406 (770g/tire) - please ask for quote as option


Wheels: Classic  18 hole spoke  wheel in 20" with double wall alloy rim, CNC machined hub with sealed ball bearings (777 g/wheel) 


Upgrade-can be converted to:

• Hiking trailer MONOWALKER trailmate

• Backpack MONOWALKER mountainmate

• Travel trailer MONOWALKER travelmate

• Shopping trailer MONOWALKER citymate


Set- up time: 10 min

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