MONOWALKER packframe

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There are a thousand varieties of backpacks, but packframes with good carrying systems are missing.  The specialized hip belt and shoulder straps of the MONOWALKER  mountainmate allows for ideal, ergonomically correct distribution of weight.  The MONOWALKER mountainmate also has the unique capability of reconfiguring into various transportation devices such as the hiking trailer (MONOWALKER trailmate - harness incl. ), bicycle trailer (MONOWALKER cyclemate) or travel trailer (MONOWALKER travelmate - harness incl.).


We managed to keep the weight of the packframe in a reasonable, comfortable range.  However, the emphasis in design is to use the MONOWALKER mountainmate configured with one or two wheels. Those who often travel by train or climb in the mountains, or need to carry wood will appreciate this carrying system. The weight of the equipment is on the hips and shoulders only.  The carrying system can be adjusted to one’s particular waist and back length with simple belt adjustments. 



When you configure the packframe, the substructure and the handholds of any of our trailer  disappear inside the pack. If converted from any trailer to a packframe the back wheel attaches to the top of the backpack.  Reconfiguring between the MONOWALKER mountainmate and any MONOWALKER model is a simple process that takes less than 10 minutes. The shoulder strap and hip belt of the backpack (MONOWALKER mountainmate) becomes a harness when configured as a hiking trailer (MONOWALKER trailmate) or travel trailer (MONOWALKER  travelmate) .

Traveling becomes relaxing with the versatility of the mountainmate.


Technical information

Platform: CNC machined Plywood (95x38 cm / 37,5” x 15”) 
Weight: 3 kg/ 13.23 lbs Payload: 45 kg/ 100 lb

Load bearing system: hip belt and padded shoulder belt

Upgrade- can be converted as:

• cycling trailer Monowalker cyclemate

• hiking trailer Monowalker trailmate

• travel trailer Monowalker travelmate

• shoppingtrailer Monowalker citymate

Set- up time: 10 min.

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