Monowalker Design proudly presents the 2018 trailer model range. Six years ago we started with just a hiking trailer, made of plywood. It was already a success, but the demand for a more durable trailer, with more payload for all sorts of terrain encouraged us to develop the MONOWALKER Fatmate.  

The new Monowalker Fatmate may carry up to 120 lbs and can run on any terrain. It is more compact when disassembled , easier to pack and with an awesome new design. You can pack it so small that  you may carry it in a packraft, bush plane or you can fly with the trailer to any destination.  But you can also split it down with less effort  into three parts to carry it in a bus, a van or the train: one bigger part is the main frame, the rearend you can carry with the assembled wheel and Fattiire rack . The disassembled handles you can carry in your travel bag. All parts are made of 6061 anodized  aluminium  or stainless steel ( screws as well) . The tire is puncture proof. The harness available in two sizes ( one size for smaller women). 

You want to carry more gear with more comfort ?  
You want to join pure nature, sleeping under million stars, but without pain in your back and shoulders after a day long hike ? The Monowalker Fatmate Hiking Trailer will be your best friend and will help you to reduce  gear weight on your body!  

With the Monowalker Fatmate  you`ll carry 50-70 % less weight on your body, due to the clever geometry of the hiking trailer. By using a special hipbelt with snaphooks - attached at the trailer handles - you can use the trailer most of the time handsfree. The Monowalker Fatmate is an all-terrain marvel and will carry all your gear in any terrain! Developed for hikes in the Swiss Alps, it' s now since  1,5 year the best mate of many hikers worldwide.

Planning on carrying extra heavy or bulky gear like water, food, baby diapers or dog food ? In this case, you want to choose the Monowalker fattire rack - designed by Monowalker Design - with an payload of 25 kg/ 55lb but easy to fold down in a compact flat design, easy to pack in your duffle. It is  an add-on rack for the Monowalker fatmate hiking trailer that reduces the gear weight on your body up to 70%, by having the gear weight direct on the wheel axle. 

Designed in Germany, tested in the field in Iceland (600 miles) , New Zealand ( 2500 miles)  Baffin Island, Scandinavia  and the Canadian Rocky Mountains and many other places in the world. 

Love your back, pull your bag ! 


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